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California Gardens is a proud member of the Symphony Post Acute Network, one of the country’s most innovative leaders in delivery of post acute care and long term care services. As a family oriented operation, we take a uniquely personal approach to delivering the highest quality outcomes possible for the guests in our care.


Dr. Wa’el Abdo, IPC Physicians


While other facilities may strive to maintain the status quo, the staff at California Gardens is passionately dedicated to the goal of consistently improving our level of care. Through innovative solutions, we’ve made great strides in improving patient care, reducing length of stays and preventing 30-day rehospitalizations. In fact, California Gardens has a physician and/or Advanced Practice Nurse rounding 6 days a week.

Like the other facilities that make up Symphony Post Acute Network, California Gardens is proud to work in collaboration with Chicago’s most dedicated physicians, nurses and discharge specialists to provide the best possible outcomes for our guests. Our ability to offer a full spectrum of innovative solutions and the comprehensive data to back them up, are rapidly making us the provider of choice in the in the far west side community we are so proud to serve. 

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